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ENDO 2015: Fun In San Diego!

>> Sunday, March 8, 2015

It's been an amazing week!  I always leave the ENDO conference feeling so inspired and passionate about endocrinology, and I look forward to returning home to my patients with new pearls of information to guide my practice.

The ENDO2015 organizers asked me to publish at least one post this week about fun things I did while in San Diego (to make sure I actually got away from my computer for a little while? ;).

During the week in San Diego, I have taken the opportunity to ponder my new pearls of knowledge while enjoying some great sunrise seaside runs (a great treat for this mountain girl!) - I'm looking forward to putting the skis back on at home, but I must admit the warm sunshine and ocean breeze was a wonderful repose from the Canadian winter.

Lots of interesting things to see on these morning sojourns... the Naval Base:

A sculptural display called Our Silences, described as "an invitation to emotively reflect - or get excited with intelligence - about one of the fundamental human rights: the freedom of expression."

And naturally, lots of fabulous people watching en route - especially impressed by the active lifestyle of both tourists and residents.  It seemed as though there was never a shortage of people going for walks, rolls, runs, laps of stairs of the convention centre.... And I even got to be a faux-participant of today's San Diego Marathon!

It's been a pleasure being a blogger for ENDO2015 - thanks to all my readers for taking the journey with me!  Moving forward, feel free to join me in my now 7th year of blogging - check back for my weekly post, enjoy the search box in the right hand margin, or subscribe to receive my posts automatically.

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