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Let Cows Eat Candy?

>> Monday, May 13, 2013

Due to last summer's droughts, some farmers have had to resort to feeding cows with - believe it - candy and cookies to keep them from losing weight and keep their milk production up.

Hands up if you are grossed out right now?  Hands up if you feel this is truly unrighteous and unfair to the cow?

As pointed out in Wired magazine, this is not exactly the diet that nature intended cows to eat, although it is apparently possible for cows to draw calories out of candy.

When I asked around to hear what others thought about this, one person said to me that it is disgusting to think that the beef she is eating might come from a cow that was fed candy.

I think the giraffe in the room here is pretty obvious.

That's it for today, folks - I'm putting away my M&Ms and heading to the gym. ;)

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Sandy Hunter May 13, 2013 at 2:55 PM  

You aren't truly feeding the cow candy, you are feeding the micro-organisms in their rumen sources of carbohydrates and nitrogen. Cattle can eat sources of non-protein nitrogen and carbohydrates and the microbes turn that into amino acids and free and volatile fatty acids. That is why cattle are so important as range animals. Where you have no arable land you can still have a valuable "crop". They also turn something like candy that can't be sold into a useful and desirable product(s). Heck, cows can even do it with cardboard boxes! Cows get a bad rap but they really are amazing and we should be thankful to the cattle ranchers out there for thinking outside the barley field when it comes to sources of nutrition that will enable the microbes in a cow's stomach to make nutrients useful to the cow and aid us in disposing of organic Mattel that would linger in a landfill otherwise.


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