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>> Thursday, December 27, 2012

A very happy holiday season to everyone!  Here is what you can look forward to in the lineup for upcoming 2013 posts:

Dangers of Energy Drinks:  Why are energy drinks dangerous?  Why is it bad to mix them with alcohol?  Is there a lethal dose of caffeine? (the answer is yes)

Does Obesity Surgery Change What Tastes Good?  Is a change in how we perceive and enjoy flavors one of the drivers of weight loss after bariatric surgery?

Born To Run!  Learn how humans were designed, and how this helps explain our society's battle against the bulge.

Sex Drive, Fertility, and Bariatric Surgery:  Could a more powerful female libido be one of the drivers that improves fertility after obesity surgery?

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I am excited that you have arrived at my site, and I hope you are too - consider this the first step towards a Healthier New You!! As a medical doctor, Endocrinologist, and obesity specialist, I am absolutely passionate about helping people with weight management. Though there is certainly no magic cure for obesity, there IS a successful treatment plan out there for you - it is all about understanding the elements that contribute to your personal weight struggle, and then finding the treatment plan that suits your needs and your lifestyle. The way to finding your personal solution is to learn as much as you can about obesity: how our toxic environment has shaped us into an overweight society; the diversity of contributors to obesity; and what the treatment options out there are really all about. Knowledge Is Power!!

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